Sunday, February 21, 2016


pH9.5 kangen water is known to be anti-oxidant, having small water molecules and alkaline. It is able to get rid of free radicals and let our body to have better absorption.If you eat too much acidic foods, it is a good water to neutralize excessive acid.

There are some benefits of drinking kangen water.
1. Drinking at least 500ml of kangen water right after you wake up , it will make you feel fresh and invigorated.

2. You can use kangen water to cook rice, it will make the rice more delicious and sweet. The cooking time is also reduced.

3. We can use it to make tea, coffee, milo or soup. Because of its small molecules properties,it can bring out many nutrients from the thing.

4.How much water should we drink is important as well . Always drink up to 4-5 % of your total weight in term of kg. eg. if you are 60kg, drinking 3kg of water is just enough

5. Never drink kangen water with medicine.

6. avoid drinking kangen water 30 minutes before and after the meal since it will affect the absorption rate

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